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It is commonly used to obtain passwords and personal identification numbers. It allows a person to enter data or to perform other tasks using a keyboard without knowing it. History Use of keyloggers for eavesdropping on computer keyboards started in the 1990s. After the identification of Netscape's vulnerability to these attacks in 1996, a version of this tool was distributed by Ivan Levkovic via e-mail. The first documented case of a keylogger being used to steal confidential data was in 2001, when the Nortel Networks of Canada used keyloggers for employee monitoring and key logging. In 2003, keylogger software was used by the United States National Security Agency (NSA) to tap into non-encrypted Microsoft Windows computers inside the United States and allow them to access internet resources. Keyloggers have become a topic of discussion, with many computer users and security experts, including the Electronic Frontier Foundation, claiming they are not spyware and they are for security purposes. Types There are many different types of keyloggers. The most common way of detecting a keylogger is by installing a tool like KLocker that can detect the presence of a keylogger. Also, another tool, Netstalker, will detect the presence of a keylogger by searching for potential command and control (C&C) sites on the internet. A keylogger can be installed in many ways. They may be installed by a malicious or an unauthorized third party; by a malicious application with the goal of gaining entry; or by a trusted third party, including a friend, spouse, or lover, with the goal of monitoring a user. Portable keyloggers Keyloggers are available for all main platforms: Microsoft Windows, Apple Macintosh, Linux, and Android. Most portable keyloggers are designed to be hidden in the CD or DVD of a keyboard or keypad. In most cases, a keylogger will install a rootkit (a form of trojan horse) that will load code into the memory or onto the hard drive of the device that will record all keystrokes. The rootkit is hidden in the CD or DVD or supplied as an installer, like PSI for 




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Download Keylogger Free Full Version Crack gabejoha

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